Information for Parents

You as parents play a central role in all phases of the exchange program. Only with your support the time abroad becomes a success for your child. Therefore we do everything so that you feel completly safe and in the best way treated - from the first contact up to the concluding " Handshake".

Thus we do the personal interview the beginning together with you - in pleasant, private atmosphere at your home. You can make yourselves a picture of us. We want you to be absolutely sure that co-operation with IE runs  smoothly.

Of course, you and us would like, that your child travels best possible prepared. You carry out 98 per cent - we of IE take over the last 2 per cent: With the preparation seminar of several days, which must visit by each participant, each student gets well prepared intensively with what might happen during the stay.

During the time while your child is abroad, we always remain in contact with you. Through our hotline you can reach our team at any time - 24/7! We at  IE are continuously in contact through our online system with the particularly trained IE coordinators in the respective host country and a smooth operational sequence can be ensure. If at short notice decision has to made, you will be involved as well.

And also after the return, we are there for you. In the context of a Returnee orientation seminar, your child has the possibility to interchange their experiences with other students.


In short: At IE you and your child receive competent organization all out of one hand!